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       Mt. Kailash Mansarovar 13 nights / 14 days

  Day 01:

Drive Kathmandu to Nyalamu (3800m) - 165 Kms. 8 hrs. Overnight at Hotel.


  Day 02:

Drive Nyalamu to Paigutso (4850m.) - 221 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.


  Day 03:

Drive Paigutso to Saga (4640m) - 115 Kms. 6-7 hrs. Camp.


  Day 04:

Drive Saga to Paryang (4540m) - 185 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.


  Day 05:

Drive Paryang to Manasarover (4520m.) - 250 Kms. 7-8 hrs. O/nt at Camp.


  Day 06:

Full day Excursion to Lake Manasarover. Camp.


  Day 07:

Drive up to Darchen (starting point) of Kailash Parikarma. Start trek to Dira Puk (4909m) - 18 Kms. 6-7 hrs. Camp.


  Day 08:

Continue Parikarma over Dolmala Pass (5650m.) to Zuthul Puk 22 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp


  Day 09:

End Kailash Parikarma near Darchen (4700m) - 14 Kms. 3-4 hrs. Overnight at Hotel.


  Day 10:

Drive from Darchen to Paryang (4540 m.) - 277 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.


  Day 11:

Drive from Paryang to Saga (4840m.) - 185 Kms. 8 hr. Camp.


  Day 12:

Drive from Saga to Paigutso (4850m.) - 115 Kms. 6 -7 hrs. Camp.


  Day 13:

Drive from Paigutso to Nyalamu (3800 m) - 221 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Overnight at Hotel.


  Day 14:

Drive from Nyalamu to Kathmandu. 125 Kms. 5-6 hrs. Overnight at Hotel.

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