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            About Nepal
Nepal At A Glance  
Location : Between China in North and India in East, West and South.
Latitude/ Longitude : 26° 22’ and 30° 27’ North. / 80° 4’ and 88° 12’ East.
Area : 147,181 Sq. Km. (800 Km in length and 200 Km in width approx.)
Capital : Kathmandu
Population : 2.6 million
Per Capita Income : US $ 255
People & Language :

About 60 ethnic groups, Most of them having their own and distinct cultures, traditions and languages. At least 49 mother tongues identified. Nepali is the national language. English is widely spoken and understood in the tourism sector.

Currency : Nepalese Rupee (US $ 1=  Rs.74 approx)
Religion :

80.62% Hindus, 10.74% Buddhists, 4.20% Muslims and rest Kirants, Jains and Christians living harmoniously.

Climate :

Winter: Dec-Feb. Summer: June-Aug
Spring: Mar-May Autumn: Sep-Nov.
Though Nepal can be visited throughout the year the best time is from mid-September to June.

Nepal Standard Time: 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of GMT.

Nepal has always been a special place for various people in various ways. For some it is the country of brave Gurkhas, for some it is the birth place of Lord Buddha, the light of Asia, for some it is the place to touch the highest peaks in the world, for some it is the place to experiment with various spiritual practices, for some it is the country of temples, art and culture. In whatever way people love Nepal, it is one of the most exciting destinations for all who love traveling. One of the most appropriate statements to describe Nepal may be: “Nepal is poor only in terms of economy.” It is probably the richest country in terms of its natural beauty, bio-diversity, cultures and traditions, art and architectures. Above all, the honest and ever welcoming people are well known in the world. A long time Kathmandu resident and the author of ‘Renaissance man’, Desmond Doig has rightly remarked about the cultures of Nepal-“Rich enough to consume several lifetimes.” A single life is just not enough to taste the beauty and to understand the cultures of Nepal. Nepal remains one of the few countries having such a vast and complex cultures.

Many of the people from around the world come here just to see the highest peaks in the world and eventually, get equally interested in various things other than mountains of which they may never have thought of. Nepal is in a way a living museum. Nepal may be the best place to see the lifestyle and the society as depicted in the literature works of Shakespeare.

Some Interesting Facts

There are 6500 known species of trees, shrubs and wild-flowers in Nepal.

Out of the total 14 peaks in the world with the altitude exceeding 8,000 meters, 8 of them including Mount Everest (8,850 meters) the highest peak in the world also lie here in Nepal.

Only Hindu kingdom in the world. People worship 33 hundred millions of Gods within Hindu religion without disrespecting any each other. The number of Gods is about 13 times the current population of the country!

Birth place of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini lies here in Nepal.

It is home to 2% of all flowering plants in the world, 8% (848 species) of the total birds in the world, 4% of mammals on earth, 11 of 15 butterfly families found in the world (500 species), 600 indigenous plant families and 319 exotic species of orchids.

It holds the pride of being one of the handful countries in the world which has always maintained independent sovereignty, free from being the colony of any other nation.

Nepalese hospitality is best known in the world for the smiling faces, warm greetings and honesty.

Not only the highest peak but the deepest gorge in the world, Dana with the depth of 1400 meters also lies here in Nepal.

The excitement of diving on the highest bungee jump in the world can also be enjoyed here.
Kathmandu valley has got seven world heritages within the distance of only 20 kilometers.
Tilijo tal in Manang district is the lake situated at the highest elevation in the world.
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